Young Magical Sky.jpg

Where it all began…

Made to wear polyester at the age of two and raised by a pack of savage (yet witty) left-handed, vegetarian hockey players, Sky Sands developed a bizarre and unique sense of humor at an early age.
Mixing magic, audience participation, impressions and fast paced improvisation (He has been clocked at speaking 102 words per minute…139 with gusts!) one would not call what Sky does a “show”, but rather “a unique experience.”

With over…let’s say…10 years of experience (the actual number would make him look real old) Sky has honed his craft to an art…one that he still embraces each time he’s on stage, regardless the audience size or location. Sky says “Fun is fun!”

Sky entertains nationally, as well as abroad, headlining comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events, cruise ships, charity fundraising events and has been featured on Cinemax & Showtime Networks, VH-1 and MSNBC, as well as highlighted on America’s Funniest People.

Sky has been voted “Rochester’s Favorite Comedian” 7 times by The Rochester democrat and CHRONICLE’S readers’ poll, Rochester City magazine’s “Best of Rochester” poll, and Freetime magazine’s entertainment poll.

He has also received “The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award” for his participation with WXXI’s Public Broadcast “REACH OUT RADIO” and has won 3 Telly awards for his work with United Way’s “Volunteer Connection” campaign, as both Actor and writer.

Sky Sands does not simply perform.