A challenge can be a challenge.

It's a tough (or “challenging”) gig when it's a black tie affair, some awards have been given out, dinner is just finishing up and I'm in introduced to entertain. At the same time, dessert is being brought out and 4 bars are open, that also happen to be “open bars.” There's a 25 foot dance floor between me and the first group of circular banquet tables, so I have to get my energy and humor across the "moat."

Years ago, I would have left the stage at the end of my performance, frustrated and disappointed. The other night, I felt that it actually went well. It wasn't a comedy show. It was an awards gala. They weren't there to see me. They were there to eat, drink and have a good time, and for a few of them, to be made to feel like a star amongst their peers. I was part of the equation; and ingredient in a recipe. I stayed focused (as well as Sky Sands can stay focused), did my time, and shared the fun I was having with the audience. Those who were listening had a good time. Several people came up to me after the show while I was standing by the sound/media station to say hello and the comments from them were very nice and positive. I share this, not to pat myself on the back. I say it to remind myself that PERSPECTIVE has so much to do with any situation and one's take on reality. This weekend…I will be in front of another audience, one that specifically will have come out to see me. A totally different setting and mindset for those who will be there. You see...it's all about balance and perspective. 

Sky Sands