Storm Chat

Greetings. So…I finally have the new site up and going, and as I promised, I’l be keeping you up to date on what’s going on around me, as well as some of the stuff going on in my head. (Some is a good start.)

The Northeast just got hit with a snowstorm, and I have to say, as much as people are complaining about the snow we received, (15”, or so) I realize a lot of other places got hit A LOT harder. Sure, I had a show cancel, due to the weather, but I’m grateful I wasn’t stranded somewhere. It is January, and it’s been a fairly mild winter in upstate Western NY.

I’m always amazed, (and you’d think the wonder of it would have worn off by now) at how people panic and rush to the stores to stock up on “essentials” when they hear of a storm coming in the forecast. First of all, why does everyone rush out to buy milk, eggs, and bread? What is it about a storm that makes people want to stay home and make French toast?

This is where being a vegetarian is really convenient. There is really nothing I need to get that I don’t have in the house to last me for a couple of days. It’s not as if most of us live like they did back in the pioneer days and only get into town every few weeks or so to pick up supplies. Plus, I’m starting to get this photo-synthesis thing down, so by next winter, all of this will be a moot point. I just have to master not leaning toward the window in whatever room I’m in. Practice, practice, practice. Plus...I don’t have to panic about stocking up on toilet paper. < in + < out.

I have to go. Already obsessing about this weekend’s show. 800 people, and the stage is set quite far back from where the audience will be seated. I’ve always felt that the space between the stage and the audience is kind of like a moat and it takes a bit more (or perhaps just a different kind) finesse to get the energy across the moat, as well as to be able to get the energy and feedback from the audience back over to me. A mental bridge…or bridges…that’s what I have to have there. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation. Far from it, yet still, I feel every show is new and unique, and the mindset has to be like…what I wear on stage. I’m particular about that. The right threads for the right audience. I’ve always been particular about that.

And cautious. Never again will I have a sock fall out of my pants while on stage in Vegas.

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