Dear Sky:
What an incredible performance! Your audience was still laughing the next morning. You were the highlight of the weekend. What a talent to have and audience forget their personal troubles as well as those of their country and laugh with no restraint at
a very good showman.
Thanks for making a difference.
We greatly appreciate your performance.
— John W. Oberlies Executive Director, RIPA-Rochester
Thank you Mr. Sands, for changing my life. I was in the audience when you performed in Elmira, for the Arc of Chemung. What you spoke about and shared with us clicked with me. I just wanted to let you know what an impact you had on me and wanted to thank you for that!! I’m starting to let things go that I can not control, and I must say it feels good!! Thank you.
— -Trish
I can always depend on Sky Sands to entertain at any of our events. He is consistently funny, amazing, entertaining, friendly and a pleasure to work with!
— F.G. Bennett, Rochester Riverside Convention Center
Dear Larry,
I just want you to know that Sky was a HUGE hit with the Arcade Winterfest this year. Our sides were sore and our faces hurt from laughing so much! Thank you for meeting the needs that I had outlined for our event. It is really refreshing to know that people DO LOVE clean humor these days.
— Donna Schiener, Winterfest Chairman
Sky exceeded all expectations! A surprise visit to a friends housewarming party became a truly magical event! The party included a mix of people with constant ‘come and go’ traffic. Sky’s fabulous slight of hand drew spectacular results and with it, everyone’s attention. His presence made the party an unforgettable and unique experience to all!
— bob Alexander
Sky’s sophisticated magic, combined with quick and spicy humor, make him a first choice recommendation for any evening out or special event.
— Frank R.
Diane, where did you find him? What a great show! Diane, the whole party was so much fun.

Sky is the best!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! As you can see we had a wonderful party, thanks in a big way to your performance. I hope you will be available again in the future for us. Thanks again for giving all of us something to laugh about.
— Diane L.
— "The Charge Card Guys"
Zany, Fun, Talented and Unique!
— Kate L.
Skates on the otherside of the ice.…
— Thomas Gifkins
A man with the most interesting perception of life that I have ever known!
— Deb C.
Fun. Energetic, Hilarious and Unique!
— Rich F.
We had a very young audience with quite a few preschoolers. Generally l like to strike a balance between keeping the younger kids engaged and the older kids interested, while at the same time, making the parents laugh. This is an art that not all entertainers master, but it is a wonderful thing when they do! Sky did that at our event.
It is apparent that Sky is a man who loves words and playing with them. His magic ‘tricks’ delighted and amazed us, and we all enjoyed laughing at his silliness and wordplays. He has this way about him that makes you worry that he’s flubbed a trick, but then he comes through – victorious and funny.
— Rochester public library
This was a VERY strong performance. I was very glad to have hosted Sky and equally glad to have been in the audience. I will definitely be booking him again!”
— Jenny Glanton
Dear Sky,
This letter is to formally thank you for the excellent performance you gave at my sister-in-laws’s bachelorette party! You came and worked the party on very short notice and had a bunch of great ideas to make the event memorable for everyone! You were reasonably priced and extremely professional!
You put on a really appropriate, tasteful, and hilarious show. Your jokes, magic tricks, ad wit were so entertaining and enjoyable. I cannot stress enough how you turned a potentially dull and boring party into a fun and exciting event filled with surprises and laughter.
Thank you so much for making this an event to remember.
Much Thanks and Appreciation,
— Jenny Glaton
Sky Sands, has been on of our favorite performers at the Playhouse for years. He does comedy, magic, and improv with a unique style that guarantees to entertain. He is also one of our most requested return performers. However, during his most recent appearance, he out did even his own high standards bringing to the Lake Ontario Playhouse a show filled with comedy, magic and mind blowing mentalism. Not only were people on the edge of their seats with laughter, but they (and I) were stunned when he pulled off a finale filled with layered predictions that it didn’t seem possible he could predict. We heard as much laughter and applause as we heard stunned “Oh, my God!” and “I can’t believe it!” The master of mind blowing magic and comedy has out done himself once again! I would highly recommend everyone see his show!
— Mike Kinnie Producing Director, Lake Ontario Playhouse Director of Aspen Comedy Festival
My husband, and another couple just saw you perform at Flickerwood Wine Cellars in Kane PA. You were so entertaining! We had a wonderful time, and I just wanted you to know. You are a true professional in your occupation, and I don’t have a clue at how you performed your “magic”, but you were good. Really GOOD!! Thanks for the wonderful evening.
— Barbara Cole
“He’s not just amazing, but he’s FUN to watch. If there were such a thing as a modern day ‘Court Jester’, then that’s what I’d call SKY SANDS.
— bob k.